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A Cool Old Truck

Doug Peterson's

1953 Chevy Pickup

13 September 2004
From Doug Peterson

John & Peggy,

     I think it is time to update the photo of my pickup in the gallery. Everything on this 1953 Chevy pickuup is about complete as far as restoration. Now it is mostly maintenance, fixing things as they break again, and having fun.

     After both of us spending over 50 years in the midwest, my truck and I are adjusting to life in suburban Maryland. We have been having a great time driving around locally and going to a few shows on weekends. I hear a lot of "my granddad used to drive one like that" as people are looking it over.

Doug Peterson (Pete),
Crofton MD





June 00
From Doug Peterson

     I am attaching a couple pictures of my '53 Chevy pickup for the virtual garage.

     I have spent a couple of years getting it back to near original condition. It was originally built in KC MO and spent most of its life in Oklahoma so there was very little rust. I did install a later model 235 but may someday overhaul and reinstall the original engine. It still needs the grille guard (dealer installed option) put back on and a new wiring harness.

     The whole job would have been a lot easier if I had known about this web site with all the experience available on the forums. I'm hoping to get it moved from Missouri (that's where I lived until just recently) to my new location in Maryland when I can find a place to keep it.

     When I get down that way I will certainly stop by and visit. I always enjoy talking to others about those good old AD pickups.

Doug Peterson
Crofton, MD

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