Holly Petersen's

1959 Chevy Longbed Fleetside

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26 February 2007
# 1850

From Holly :

           Here you go ... my 1959 Chevrolet Longbed Fleetside. I'm almost two years into this project!

           I found this truck on eBay. I bought this baby from the original owner's grandson who was living in Gilroy. He and his father drove it to Walnut Creek for delivery!!! The truck was originally bought in 1959 in Walnut Creek, California. It was manufactured in Oakland. Went from father to daughter to her son. Now it is MINE!!!

           Due to "circumstances beyond my control," my truck sat in the back yard the first eight months after I bought it. The only thing I did was to go out and start it up every week or so.

           In June of 2006, she went to a friend's body shop (the friend wishes to remain un-named under penalty of my death!!!!). We did a total frame-off restoration. She got new oak bed wood that my husband stained and finished for me. We replaced one door fully. Got a new tailgate. Other new items include a driver's side window (original was cracked), door handles, window handles, new steering wheel (as the original was cracked), inside / outside mirrors, just about every knob inside, sound deadener, floor liners, re-upholstered the seat (still in process), engine taken out, cleaned ... rebuilt.

           We are adding on Old Air's air conditioning / defrost unit for those drives to Reno. We replaced the original radio with a look-a-like six CD changer, speakers in the doors. You'd never know it wasn't original. We matched paint colors to original as close as possible -- Bombay Ivory and Frontier Beige. We trimmed out with a bit of new chrome, had chrome hood trim and 32 bullets cleaned and repainted.

           We still have to Rhino line the interior bed sides in beige, get the brakes redone and put new tires on. We are looking forward to driving this puppy. She's gonna be my daily driver on the Mendocino Coast. And yes, it will be garaged.

           First outing for my '59 will be the Mendocino Fourth of July Parade 2007. I'll write again when she is running!

           Thank you to all on Stovebolt who helped with parts info and great advice!!!

Holly Petersen
Bolter # 9115
Bay Area California

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