Glen Perkins'

1969 Chevy C-10 1/2-Ton

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01 August 2006
# 1603

From Glen:

           This '69 Chevy was bought by my Grandfather in 1969. He sold it to my uncle who sold it to my brother who sold it to me. How's that for begats? Each of us paid $200 for it each time except my Grandpa, of course.

           This truck got me back into school. I took a welding class so I could do the body work. Now that I'm into it, maybe I'll take a shot at welding as a career .

           The only option it has is power steering and only because Grandma said she wouldn't drive another truck without it. I plan on power brakes for an upgrade. Other than that, I'd like to keep the truck as original as possible -- or at least go with mods that were popular in the early seventies.

           It turned over 269,000 miles and the original, and I mean that literally, motor began to smoke a little so it went into project mode. So it is being stripped down to its skivvies in my garage as we speak. It was always be a daily driver and workhorse and I miss driving it. But my day will come.

Glen Perkins
Bolter # 6206
Omaha, Nebraska

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