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A Cool Old Truck

Geoff Perkins'

1954 Chevy 3100

01October 2001

From Geoff:

     Here is a recent photo of my '54 Chevy 3100 named Huey.

     His predecessor was a '54 that I named Gerald. Gerald was loaned to my dad during the summer of 2000 because he was having some work done on his Toyota.

    My dad didn't get around to returning Gerald before he and my mom left for Arizone for the winter. So I told him to just keep Gerald in his garage over the winter and I would get it back in the spring.

    Well, snowfall was rather extreme in northern lower Michigan last winter and my dad's garage collapsed -- with Gerald inside. Total loss as far as the insurance company was concerned (insured for a value of $7,000.) So I gave the insurance company $600 for salvage and they sent me a check for $6,400.

    I bought Huey for $6,400 and began swapping items from Gerald that were in better shape, then had Huey painted.

     I still have a list of over 45 things I want to do, but Huey is drivable and a lot of fun.

Geoff Perkins
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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