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A Cool Old Truck

Ryan Parrish's

1966 Custom Chevy C-10

1 December 00

From Ryan Parrish

     I bought this '66 about two years ago off a guy who rebuilt fuel-injection units. The truck was just sitting out in the back lot full of junk and random stuff. I talked to my dad about it one night (I was just 16, and am now 18). So he and I went down for a second look. My dad offered the guy $300, and soon after (actually hours after) the truck was mine.

     The truck came with a 350ci/325 hp engine and a TH350 trans with a mild shift kit, as well as a $200 H.E.I. electronic ignition (I assume the truck was used for other than just hauling). It wasn't until me and my friends decided to go cruizin that I also found out it had a posi. rear end (which when I found the purchase order on the bottom of the seat, I noticed that the truck had been ordered that way.

     It is the "Custom" C-10 so it has all the chrome accessories and the two-tone white and red paint. I have since put new rims and tires on it, as well as a few thousand miles (the pic was from a camping trip I took).

     I have just recently (within the last few days of sending this) bought a '64 Chevy pickup with an inline-6 and 3-on-the-tree (also with posi.). We are now beginning restoration and will hopefully be somewhat done by the time I graduate in June.


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