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Cool Old Truck

Kent Park's


Shortbed Fleetside

17 May  03  

From Kent  

This is my sixty four short bed fleetside truck.  I recently bought it from a co-worker who used it as a daily driver for years.  Every chance I got I aggravated him to sell it to me and one day he offers it to me for seven hundred and I take.  The truck is in good shape it has the usual places that needs to be patched and it needs a brake job, but I am looking forward to working on it.  The truck came with the original hub caps all the way around with the spare tire under the bed and two additional tires with hub caps.  I even found the jack and lug wrench under the seat with a extra steering box that is tight.  It also has the inline six with three on the tree.  

As of now it is in storage and I routinely take it out on short runs mostly to the tobacco fields.  I love the attention it gets when I drive it, I can't wait to get a paint job and some mechanical work done.  I live close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and I plan to cruise it often in the summer time when the truck is done. 

Oh yeah I didn't tell my wife I was going to get the truck and me and my buddy were sitting in the drive way admiring the possibilities of the truck when the boss pulled in.  She took it well because she knows I used to have a truck just like this in high school.  

I love my wife.





Curator "Kent - Understanding wives certainly make keeping a truck or two a lot easier!  Congratulations on your acquisition!"

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