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1971 Chevy C-10

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Les Parker
Bolter # 16500
North Carolina


05 April 2010
# 2775

More pix of this old truck

From Les :

Hi folks! I got teased at the Southern Stovebolters GABfest in South Carolina last year for driving my Ranger. My 1956 Chevy Panel is still "in progress." So when I ran across this classic truck ... a 1971 Chevy C-10 ... for a good price, I couldn't turn it down. To say the least, I got snookered or I wanted it too badly ... or something.

This old truck is a 350/350 long bed with Rallye wheels, standard steering and brakes. It needs some stuff, but what it needs is mostly cosmetic.

However, some of the stuff is (as they say here in North Carolina) "wore slam out!" The engine runs fine, but the transmission leaks like a pig. Maybe that's because of the rubber fuel line used as transmission cooling lines. There is some play in the steering so I know I've got some work to do with the pitman arm.

Southern Stovebolters GABFest -- what's THAT all about?

We just didn't know what we were getting ourselves into.  I mean driving four hours to a car show in South Carolina. We already had enough to do without adding one more thing to our already
full schedule.

Go we did, though, and what a treat! Everybody can always use a new friend but we got more than our share, really! There are not enough nice words to describe Alvin Parris and his wife Victoria, who took us to their favorite BBQ place -- alas now closed -- on Friday night. You have to argue with Alvin to even get to pay your share of the tab! Mmmmmm Goooood!

The next day, my wife Sarah and I spent the morning exploring North and West of Spartanburg. The "Show" is afternoon / evening so we got back in plenty of time to help Alvin nail the shade awnings
to the asphalt in the wind! Then we sat on the "SPOT" we wanted to keep open for the incoming 'bolts. Not all that exciting, (except the great eats, right?) Then the cars & trucks started to roll in. Oh my!

Sarah had to keep poking me and telling me to "don't stand there with your mouth open!" This stuff was all first class! Beautiful cars and trucks from all over the area. I have been to car and truck shows since the early 1960s, but this looked like all the winners were in one show!

And the Chevy trucks came, too -- and WOW! This was my first time to see Alvin's '37 out of his shop. You'll just have to see it for yourself.

The "Best Truck" was David and Pam Wolff's "Lucille." (Check out Lucille in the Gallery!)I was lucky enough to get to take the pictures of the event for the records, so I have pictures of all the "good stuff" which is almost all of it.

And this was just the first year! See for 2008 and for 2009.

We're already making plans for this year! Maybe I'll have the '71 C-10 safe and dependable enough for a SC run. Maybe! Get Alvin to tell you about the Beacon Drive In. We can't wait to get back to SC!


But I do like this truck well enough to fix it! It may not make it to SC this year after all. Time and $$$ will tell. I'll go over everything wall to wall before I take it on a 200 mile trip to the GABFest in June. At least it's a 'Bolt to drive while I'm working on the '56 panel.

It will never be a show piece, not as long as I own it anyhow. My plan is to make a solid, dependable old work horse that I can enjoy using/driving.

What scares me looking back, is that I drove it over 100 miles at highway speeds from Winston Salem to Raleigh -- then all over town here! There really are some safety issues that I MUST address.

I'm making progress, though. Lots of stuff is done but there is still a looooong list. I am almost finished with the inside of the cab, for now. I mostly finished the grille repair and clean up. That's sort of what my Mother used to call "daffodils for the soul." It doesn't do squat but makes you feel better.


Glad to hear you've got another project (hehehe). If it's not ready for the GABFest, just remember: it's not required! Good luck with this one and keep us posted.

Thanks for the additional report on the GABFest. That's a great group that's growing there.

If anyone is looking for more information about this event, check the Event Calendar in the forums! ~ Editor



Les "Roadmarks" Parker, a proud member of the Southern Stovebolters, has nice collection of Stovebolts: a 1969 Chevy C20 Panel Truck, a 1956 Chevy Panel, and a 1971 Chevy C-10.


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