Ralph Pamer's

1953 Chevrolet 3800 1-Ton Grain Truck

"Sweet Pea"

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27 December 2006
# 1753

From Ralph :

           Hello all. Here is a picture of my 1953 3800 Grain Truck "Sweet Pea." I drive her as often as we can.

         I bought the truck on eBay in February and after a five month job of getting the Indiana title corrected, it was finally legally in my name in Ohio. The second previous owner did a lot to restore the truck including replaced the engine, put in a 1966 or later 292, transmission and rear end. The wheelbase is now about 12 inches longer than the original.

         I really enjoyed working on the truck although it was in nice condition when we hauled it home. I have spent about six months working on it. I did the bodywork myself and found out that I am NOT a bodyman -- but it looks good going down the road.

         I have taken it to a few truck shows and although it isnít show quality, it is a nice old truck. I have an ongoing jog of repair and refurbishing to do.

Thanks for a great site,

Ralph Pamer
"grain truck "
Bolter # 10423
Springfield, Ohio

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