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Leonardtown, Maryland


1964 Chevy C-10 4 x 4

Owned by

Nate Pagel
Bolter # 8671
Winthrop, Minnesota

"Black Betty"

01 February 2008 Update
# 1770

From Nate :

           i haven't done a whole lot to the truck since last January actually. I hooked up the tach, the lights for the oil and temp gauges, mounted the dimmer switch. I installed an electric cooling fan in front of the radiator for a little extra cooling when i need it. I also did a new paint job. (Here's the original.)

           I installed a heavy duty drop farm hitch [ pic ], which should help with hookin' up a trailer with the lift. I just need a different piece of c-channel for the bumper and think of a way to cover that gap (thinkin' of making some sort of winch mount).

           Within the next year or so, I'm going to be adding different exhaust (going with 5 in. Bull Horn stacks) and some sort of custom gooseneck mount (going to have it recessed so its completely under the bed floor so i'll just have to lift a plate and there it is). I also want to get new stainless mirror brackets and new 35 inch tires (the 32's are getting bald and the one has a bulge in the tread this. Over Thanksgiving weekend I worked on the interior a little bit and got some heat in there.


           Nate also has a 1970 Chevrolet CST / 10 Fleetside in the Gallery ~~ Editor

19 November 2007 Update
# 1770

From Nate :

           Here's an update for 1964 Chevy C-10 "Black Betty." The picture above is after I was playing in the snow and it turned out to be a really nice shot.

           I've finally got a picture of my engine -- "Incredible Hulk" !


05 January 2007
# 1770

From Nate :

           I have had this 1964 Chevy for 'round two years. When I first picked it up for $50 bucks, it was just a low buck farm truck -- 2 wheel drive, 230 straight six and three on the tree. Now, it's 4 wheel drive, 350 V-8 and 4 on the floor.

           The 4 x 4 frame I used is from my '78 Chevy K-10 Suburban. I kinda wanted something different and there were issues with other things going on. That kicked me in the hind end to get going. So I stripped the '64, stripped the 'Burban, repainted the old 350 and put in all new gaskets (except head gaskets).

           The engine is lime green, purple and blue (exhaust manifolds are silver). It reminds me of the Incredible Hulk which befits the truck. I even sandblasted and painted the frame. I kept the power steering which works good (when there's fluid in it .... I have a leak). I switched it from a single mc to a dual mc but I wasn't able to keep power breaks (didn't feel like going through that head ache). I had to shorten the steering column and shorten the brake pedal push rod, modify the floor for the top loader 4 speed and the biggest pain was figuring out a clutch linkage. It's still not that great and after it was all together and going, I find out my throw out bearing is bad ($%!#). I had to make my own body lift because the differences in the frames.

           For the future, I would like to step up from 32 inch tires to about 36-38 inch tires. Also, one day I'd like to do a complete rebuild and beef it up a bit. I'm looking for a '61 Chevy pickup hood for it -- gotta love those pods. I need to add cab lights and finish the interior. A step up to 1-ton axle would be real nice 'cause I'd like to set it up to pull a big gooseneck someday.

           but that truck still has a ways to go. This other picture is just me playing around and seeing how well it climbs hills. This is on top of a gravel pile but it was enough to put the rear bumper on the ground (that's with 4 inch lift and 32 inch tires). I'm still having trouble with what to call it. I call it the black truck alot but I think I will call her Black Betty ("whoa Black Betty, bam malamb....").

           It took me a while to do the whole transformation but it's still not done. I have a few tid bits here and there. But for now, the '70 has priority (which it always shoulda had but .....). This truck drives fairly nice but it has alot of noise that makes it seem very rickety. But ... it will get there!

           Keep up with the good site. Y'all is doing one heck of a job.

God Bless,


           Nate also has a 1970 Chevrolet CST / 10 Fleetside in the Gallery ~~ Editor


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