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Cool Old Truck

John Oubre's

1946 Chevrolet 2-Ton

01 March 01

From John

     Here is my "OL - TUK" as it is named on the under slung tool boxes (picture below). This first picture is the "before." The original owner was an old German farmer in East Texas and he used it as a hay hauling truck.

     When I purchased it in Feb-2000 as the second owner, it had just over 21,000 original miles. It has the original engine serial number as noted on the original Texas title.

     It's a 1946 Chevrolet 2 ton with 235 C.I. engine, 6.17 to 1 gear ratio. Some will question the 235 C.I. but you need to read up on it a bit. The old heavy duty trucks came with the 216 engine bored and stroked to 235. I've won a few bets with this one.

     It's all original except the cab color (red) and the bed I built for it. It's something of a head turner. I got it in Feb. 2000 and finished it in late Nov. 2000 with help from some friends.

     I transferred work locations to the Mid-East in early January so the new, so to speak, had not worn off when I regrettably had to place "OL-TUK" in storage.

     You'll see me again on the road that's for sure.


     Anyway here is "OL-TUK" the way he was and is now.

     Hope some will enjoy.


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