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Leonardtown, Maryland


1939 Chevy Panel Truck

Owned by

Terje Østbø
Trondheim, Norway


01 February 2008 Update
# 1870

From Terje :

          Hello again from Norway. Here is an update for the "police-truck." The chassis was sandblasted, then powder coated. All metal parts to the chassis where cleaned for rust, and painted. Steering, tranny, rear axle has got new bearings. All the breaks are new.

          Last month, we mounted the drivetrain [ pix ] , engine, gearbox, and drive shaft. We are mounting pedals, parking brakes, and carb the next time. A new starter and alternator is available, too. We hope to start the engine, and have a test drive with the chassis soon.

          The original engine was damaged with rust. A friend here had one in his barn. This engine was overhauled in 1964, and had a newer starter. We are now using this engine. We bought it for 2000 - Norwegian kroner / or $365 US dollars. Here is the team hard at work.

          Next year we must start with the "wood-job" -- laying a new floor. We will send you an update next year.

          It is decided that the police car should be delivered back to the police on 16 May 2009. It will be driven in the celebration of our yearly day of freedom ( from Sweden) - 17 May.

Kind regards from Norway,

Terje Oestboe
President, American Car Club Trondheim

          Terje, glad to hear from you! Looks like great progress here. Hope the maiden voyage was a success. Look forward to seeing how much farther you get in 2008! ~~ Editor

09 March 2007
# 1870

From Terje :

           Hello. I am a member (and President) of the American Car Club Trondheim, located in Trondheim, Norway (founded in 1975). We are restoring a 1939 Chevy pick up, which was rebuilt in Norway to serve as a police car. This truck had a big role in keeping justice after World War II, because it was built to carry weapons in a locked compartment. [ Another pix ]

           The truck restoration should be finished in two years, and will be given back to the local police in 2008.

           If someone has knowledge of parts, new or old, we would appreciate some guidance. We need brake parts and body parts. We got a "new" engine, and a rebuilt manual transmission. And, if someone can tell me where I can find the chassis-number / identification. The engine number for this "police car" is : GM 838941. And 14 added in on its own line.

           We have totally unmounted the truck, and the frame is in to be sanded, and powder coated. A have a lot of pictures of the whole process, and pictures will be taken when we are mounting it again.

           Do you know of any shops who sells parts to these cars?

Kind Regards from Norway,

Terje Østbø
Trondheim, Norway

Hei Terje!  Velkommen! Thanks for stopping by the Stovebolt Page!

           Looks like you have quite a project on your hands!  From the pictures, your truck looks like it's a 1939 truck, not a 1938.  And it looks like a panel truck, not a pickup.  Which would make sense.  The chassis number/VIN was stamped on a plate that was attached to the firewall on the passenger's side.  From the pictures, it looks like this plate is long gone.  Look around the cab, there might be a plate with this information on it.  If not, we're out of luck as there is no number stamped into the frame like on later trucks.

           Terje -- Keep in touch and let us know how things go.  Be sure to check out our web site for links, parts, etc. (in the Swap Meet).  Parts for that truck are going to be hard to find, but not impossible... Lykke til!

John Milliman, Editor
The Stovebolt Page


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