John Ortale's

1956 Chevy 4400

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16 February 2007
# 1828

From John :

           Hi! I am new to Stovebolt.This is my 1956 4400. It is all original and runs well.

           I always had a fascination with trucks since I was a young child in the late 1950s. My Dad drove a 1956 4400 for a company that delivered frozen foods. I could not wait to go for a ride in the truck after school.

           This past June 2006, I was on eBay looking at cars and trucks. This time I went into the commercial truck listings and I saw the listing for this truck. I just knew I had to have it and won the bid! I had it towed to my shop and checked it out. For a 50 year old truck, it runs very well.

           I plan to restore it to its former glory. I have already had two fenders sent my way from a person that I met on the internet from Oklahoma. He sent me the fenders by way of the local Gray Hound Bus company as they were too big to be sent by UPS. What a sight it was at the bus terminal seeing these two large fenders sitting there waiting to be picked up.

           I have started some restorations and it is road worthy at this time. I was looking for new tires and learned that 8.22.5 tires have been discontinued for many years. There is a metric size that is equivalent to them and is 245-75-22-5. They are too wide and you will need a wider rim. I did get lucky and I found three brand new original 8-22-5 size tires in East Haven, CT at a small vintage tire shop.

           My dream is to finish restoration and begin to show my truck at car and truck shows in this area.


John Ortale
"john 5668"
Bolter # 13676
Waterbury, Connecticut

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