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A Cool Old Truck

Jeff Orebaugh's

1967 Chevy Dually

18 May 2002

From Jeff:

     My name is Jeff Orebaugh and I reside in Cedartown,Ga. I have been restoring and building custom and stock trucks for a number of years in my spare time.

     I love old Chevys with a passion and have owned several. While I love the stock look, I wanted to create something that combines modern with original and this is what I have created so far. I have been working on this for about 4 years now in my spare time and have dreamed it up for about 10 years.

     It is a `67 extended cab, dually, low rider. I have done all the work on my own, from the design to what you see now. It has a 350 4 bolter w/solid crank, eldebrock cam, lifters, intake and many other goodies inside and out. I have air, power windows, tilt w/cruise,delay wipers, power seat, power disc brakes. It has 29x18.5x15 Mickey T's on 15x15 chrome custom ralleys on rear, 15x7.5's front. Has several other tricks and secrets.(Can't tell everything!)

     Anywho, Here are some pics from beginning to now. Hope you enjoy!

Big O

UPDATE 21 September 2002

I have finally painted my dream truck and here it is:

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