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A Cool Old Truck

Jeff Oppenheimer's

1949 and 1950 3/4-ton Chevies

18 May 2002

From Jeff:

     My name is Jeff Oppenheimer from NW Iowa and I finally have some pictures of my two trucks. I came across both of these while traveling and I haven't quite decided which one to restore.

     First question is how do you determine which engine is in it -- 216 or 235. They are both 3/4-ton. The blue '50 has the original bed still intact but has some cab floor rust in a couple of places. It runs nice but is mixing a little air in the radiator.

     My first project is to pull the head and have it crack checked and inspect the gasket. If good, I will have the head rebuilt, clean up the engine compartment, and then start on body.

     The black '49 came from Montana and is in good running condition. I am the second owner. It is in good shape also and has a cool generator under the hood for plugging in things.

     Both have their assets and I am leaning to restore the '49, although I like the blue color of the '50. Are any of these more desireable than others? I will update you on my progress.

     I love your website and I look forward to "consulting" fellow stovebolters in the future!

Sincerely I remain,
Jeff R.Oppenheimer

Jeff's got lots and lots more pictures if you want to see them - just send him an email! - editor

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