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1948 Chevy School Bus

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03 August 2005

From Laura: 

       Hi! I wanted to send you some pictures of my Chevy school bus (48?). It has been sitting in my yard for about two years now. My husband calls it a "work in progress" but I call it a "work with NO progress."

       I bought it for one dollar from some nice folks in Cripple Creek CO and had it towed to Colorado Springs and there it sits. It has become a fixture in my yard.

       It has a straight 6 engine (original?). Probably the original tires -- US Royal 8 1/4 20 and no seats. I think the previous owners were going to make it into a camper which is what we are planning to do with it when we hit the lottery and can get the title for it.

       There's a metal plate near where the driver would sit that says MFG. BY THE SOUTHERN AIRCRAFT CO. GARLAND TX. 9-13-1948 along with the part and serial numbers. I think the body is all aluminum because there's no rust.

       A year or so ago, I gave it a tune up and an oil change just to see what would happen. It actually tried to start up and all the lights came on! Honestly, I wasn't expecting any noise at all!

       If anyone has a bus like this ... or a picture of a bus like this with the original paint job ... or any questions ... or anything at all ... I would love to hear from you! Please send me an e-mail.

       By the way I love your website : ) You guys rule!!!!

Laura O
Colorado Springs, CO

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