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A Cool Old Truck

Dennis Oland's

1953 Chevy 3/4-ton

06 November 2001

From Dennis:

    Here is my 1953 Chevrolet 3/4 ton. I have just about completed my restoration and I have been driving it to work everyday.

    I bought this truck two years ago for $6500. It was very stock and solid with only minimal rust. It was originally green but had been painted burgundy / black over the years. I really liked the colors so I decided to go with a popular Chevy color, Garnet Red Metalic / Black.

    This truck is 3 speed, 12-volt and has a 261 motor which was swapped at the dealership. Early 50's Canadian Pontiacs had 261's and there was often demand for these more powerful engines in the Chevy trucks. As long as you could find a willing Pontiac owner (or dealer), you were able to get the swap. Having a 261 is great. This truck has all the power it needs.

    I did a fairly extensive restoration, buying all parts from Jim Carter's and relying on the help of fellow Stovebolters and local (older) mechanics. The new bedwood is Tamarack which is a hard softwood. I thought about Oak but the Tamarack only cost me $50. The end result is great so I have no regrets. I don't know where the sunvisor came from but I like it.

    To finish off the truck I am hoping to tidy up the wiring, clean up the engine and add in a faster pumpkin to the rear end. These older 3/4 tons have a 4.57:1 gear ratio and I want something that would allow me to drive at highway speeds. It is an easy fix (67-72 Chevy c20 pumpkin fits right in) so I'll get at that over the winter.

    Other than that I think the only thing this truck needs is some tidying up in the interior. I did paint it but I wasn't happy with the dash so I think I'll do that again (and get a radio as well). This truck has been restored to reflect its original character and I have added chrome and a few extras that I think help to make this truck a real classic. Although I love this truck, it is going up for sale, I have decided that my next project will be either a '47-53 Suburban or 1946 GMC 1/2ton.

Dennis Oland
Saint John
New Brunswick, Canada


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