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Cool Old Truck

Robert Oeleis'

1945 GMC 5-Ton COE FB

19 April 01

From Robert:

     We own a 1945 GMC 5-ton (civilian) COE FB with 308 6 cly. She has air wipers, airbrakes, air spilt rearend. She runs really good.

    We where invited to the truck show June 6 through 8 (2001) at Reno, Nevada by Donold Meyer. We told him we will be there with our truck.

    We just like to show the world that she does run and GMC did make her.

    Please feel free to write -- I would like to tell you more. She's quite the Truck -- we called her BIG RED.

Thank you,
Robert Oeleis

    (This big truck deserves a big picture -- editor)


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