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1955 1st Series 3600

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18 January 2001

From Boyo:

Dear Stovebolt Gang:

        I've finally taken some pictures of my truck - a 1955 1st series 3600. The first half of its life has been spent as two separate trucks - the 3600 was nearly complete from the firewall back, and a running 3100 has donated everything from the firewall forward. Still missing a few bits, but well on its way.

        Unfortunately I have no pictures of a whole truck, but I've attached a picture of what I do have - a nicely painted frame. This truck will eventually look exactly like Kip's '54 3104, except in a deeper red and a cream hood and top. I'm also using disc brakes as an excuse to do an IFS swap, but it will remain stock height with manual steering.

        I've started documenting the whole process, mostly so I can remember how things go back together, but thought other folks might get some ideas too. Got a couple dozen "before" pictures, guess it's time to start working towards the "after" pictures, huh?

        Thanks again - glad to be part of the Stovebolt page, and now you can see why.


Dennis O'Connor
Bolter # 358
Roseville, CA

        Boyo has been moderator of our Engine and Driveline Forum for a long, long time. He's been a great asset and friend to The Stovebolt Page. ~~ Editor

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