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Magnus Nybom's


3100 Deluxe

20 September  03  

From Magnus 

Hi there! I found your very interesting pick-up site just now and I thought that my 1949 5 window 3100 Thrift master fit right in there. I bought it in 1989 from a guy who had imported a few Chevy trucks from USA. None of them were in any fine shape, and mine weren't no exception. 

I spent the following winter in the garage and got it ready in time for a local cruising in a town nearby. I don't have any pictures scanned of it before the restoration, I can fix that if you are interested. 

I've used the step side around the year since then as second family car. A 305 SB was put in before I bought it and I have shifted to a 350 after a bearing seize in 1999. The 350 is from a 1980 Chevy Suburban and has a little more power (270bhp) than the 305 I had first. So now I have a broken rear axel. I'm planning to replace it with a newer 10 bolt axel from a mid size Chevy, preferably with a calmer ratio. The broken one has 4.10:1 and I want something like 2.76-3.00:1 instead.

My name is Magnus Nybom and I live in the north-west of Sweden.

Curator "Magnus - I bet you get lots of looks in Sweden with that truck!  Thank you for the submission and by all means send in some 'before' pictures"

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