Heikki Nurmi's

1937 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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08 November 2005 Update

From Classic Finn:

         Good evening from Finland! By the way, I now have some photos on Webshots lots of details images! Come sign my guestbook!!!! Id sure be proud! As if I'm not already and for a long time of you all!!! Shucks!! The '37 is not quite done yet but almost! Got some fine tuning to do!

        Working on a Tear Drop trailer! Those pictures are on the Webshots photo albulm, too.

         A sincere thank you to the Dahl and Parris family for helping make all this happen!


Heikki Nurmi
"Classic Finn "
Bolter # 2860

14 April 2005 Update

From Classic Finn:

         Looks like the '37 is coming together li'l faster than slower ... haha. Lots of parts found from allll over the U.S.A. Recently found an original grille (almost new), runningboards (original), steering wheel (found and restored). headlight buckets from the ever famous and respected Barry Weeks (Pick of the Crop). He put them together. The frame horns that were badly torched off for the front bumper holders or braces! Artillery rims found - and powder coated! Nice Color too!!!

         Just recently discovered a almost like new 235 and Muncie Transmission (6000 miles on them both). Next is a bed from Mackhils, new bumpers, glass and electrical harness.

         Found an entire grille shell that is original plus an original split seat. I contacted the Metalman -- he may do a set of back fenders for me for the '37.

         Hope the '37 will finally be on its way over the Atlantic the same route as did the '46, only in a container that is 20 U.S. Feet Long! So it would fit another, driveable '41 or '38 to '41 1/2-ton, if I can find one. Id like to find a nice, li'l ready-to-drive truck cause the season is almost here. So, if you folks find something nice in the line of a '38 to '41 or up to '45, let me know!! Hehehehe

         On the '46, I'm looking for runningboards, dashboard, and gauge cluster ... that is one slow project!!! hahaha!

         Our friend Harry in Holland isn't on-line much and it's only because he's living in the garage building his '37 and mannnn, has he done some nice work!!! Even built a '37 original-looking Grille! Just a talented man!

         LIL Boltin Finn - Samuel Kristian baptized name -- is growing ever fast, and only three months old. I don't know were the reddish hair came from ??!! Once in the while I have to take the roll of Mr. Mom! heheh The wife gets overly tired ... and it reflects upon everything else. I'm tired as well which then reflects back like sunlight on a mirror. LOL

Best regards,

Classic Finn

         Heikki, good to see you are making progress. Will get Harry's stuff together ASAP (he's got as much information as you originally did! And you are most correct -- Barry Weeks IS the "ever famous and respected" ... one in a million ... kinda like most of the old Stovebolts! ~~ Editor

18 November 04

From Classic Finn:

          Here is my new TOY. It's solid but just a lot of old layers of paint. It's a 1937! And of course Chevrolet.


          And soon a BABY on the way! Anytime now!!!! :)


          What a XMAS! Am I getting spoiled????????????



          All my best!

Heikki Nurmi

          Also, check Heikki picking up his 1946 1/2-ton in North Carolina and it heads home to Finland! ~~ Editor

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