Tom Nugent's

1948 Chevy 1-Ton Panel

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03 November 2005

From Tom:

            I bought a 1-ton Chevy Panel truck from my uncle's estate. I want to start restoring this beast. But need to make sure I have the year correct. I've searched the Internet on various VIN sights. VIN is 20FS11680. My title says 1950. The locator said 1948. Is there any difference between a 1948 and a 1950?

            What I do know about my new Panel Truck? It's one-ton, with a 4-speed manual transmission. It has a heavy duty rear end. It also has a 327 Corvette engine in it that's supposedly can put out about 375 HP. I do know that I can smoke the tires on it if I'm not careful.

            The pics I'm sending are from the day I drove her home from my Uncle's.

            We're not sure why it was titled as a 1950, but that's not a big issue. Right now we're in the process of fixing the brakes and changing it over to a 12-volt system.


Have a great day and thanks,

Tom Nugent
Boise, Idaho


            When Tom's pictures came in, they were 22" x 17" -- which is actually a good thing since we need to crop and re-size images anyway. But when I opened this one with him next to his 1-Ton, I was blown away. That's a BIG BOLT! Great panel Ted. ~~ Editor

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