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1952 Chevy Suburban

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25 September 2006
# 1680

From Cory :

          I have a 1952 Suburban and a 1954 5-window Chevy. I grew up in West Texas and the pickup was the first vehicle that my parents gave me (Christmas of 1989). I drove it through high school.

          The truck had been sitting in my Granddad's barn until August 2006 when my parents brought it up to Kansas City so I could tinker with it. Every time I would go to see them, I'd pull it out and drive it around the farm, wash the red sand off of it and put it back in the barn. I sure hated putting it up! I finally have the time and I guess you never have enough money. Well, I love driving the truck but now with a family, I wanted something we could all enjoy.

          I began seeing the new Chevy HHR running around town and really remembered how much I loved the old Suburban. My wife said why don't you just buy yourself an old Suburban? Why yeah! That was the only thing that was holding me back.

          So I started looking around and searching on the internet. That's where I came across this one. It was located in Toledo, Ohio. I called the owner and talked to him briefly about the Burb. I could tell from the short conversation it had a great history. I asked to see some more pictures and he sent them a few days later. It was exactly what I wanted. I wanted something I could drive immediately and the history was the deal sealer.

          I was really concerned with the rust since it had been in Toledo its whole life. So I flew to Detroit and attempted to rent an HHR to go look at it. I got a Saturn VUE -- I was so disappointed! I took it for a test drive with the owner and it drove great -- much better than the '54 pickup. After the drive Jade, the owner, brought out a folder full of the old documents. I looked through them quickly and discovered he had the original order and bid sheet from Carl F. Weissenberger, Inc. dated July 10th 1952. It was ordered two tone green with an Oil Bath air Cleaner, left hand door lock and Heavy Duty Clutch. The accessories included an oil filter, gas filter and heater and defroster. But the most important service they bought was the $27.50 they spent on the undercoating. This has absolutely saved the vehicle. It is still coating most of the undercarriage to this day. Grand total $2085.65.

          There is also a letter explaining that the production line has slowed due to the steel shortage. The Burb was delivered to Mamie Tiedtke on September 5th 1952. It was bought by Robert Montrie of Toledo, Ohio on March 21st 1980 for $500. His brother-in-law Peter Hallack purchased it from him on November 9th 1987. He then had it painted red much to the dislike of his brother-in-law.

          On September 21st 1999, Peter sold it to Jade Montrie (his nephew) who placed stickers on the side and back for a wonderful eye catcher billboard for his wife's scrap booking store. I purchased the vehicle August 23rd 2006.

          The total mileage is 64,052 but I intend to add to that soon! This great history is what appeals to me; second to the looks, of course.

          Thanks for reading.

Cory Nolen
Bolter # 1814
Parkville, Missouri (Kansas City suburb)

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