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A Cool Old Truck

David Nicholson's

1939 1/2-Ton Chevy

03 July 04

From David:

          Hello, I live in Australia. Thought your members might like another look: I have a 39 chev 1/2 ton (Holden GMH cab) but original 216 etc. all there. RHD of course. Rear fenders are cut for a flatbed many years ago. Grille is missing. Emblem etc. gone, too. Other side has shotgun holes through it ... maybe it has interesting history! Spot the differences! Air intakes, 3 ribs across back of cab, Holden badges.

          Anyone with knowledge of import Holden RHD Chevs downunder? Restoration to begin soon. My sister is in California so I plan to import parts via USA. Is grille the same? Mine has 16-in wheels and crank start.

          Anyone with small mailable parts they don't want or need would be appreciated. It's my first project ... phew!

Thanks mate,
David Nicholson

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