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1953 Chevrolet 3100 1/2-Ton

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Karl Nelson
Bolter # 10940
Lidköping, Sweden

Talking about his successful small block repair
in the Engine & Driveline Forum

01 May 2010 Update
# 1728

More pictures of my old truck

From Karl :

My truck has been in the cold garage since the end of last year, waiting for spring. It is being kept company by a Volvo.

Last summer, I bought another old car -- this time a Sunday Car that the whole family can fit in. It is a Volvo from 1960. [ I had to leave this a big image and uncropped ... this is definitely a drool-over vehicle with a beautiful setting ~ Editor ]

The Volvo also has a 6 volt system. In general, it is just a nice, simple car in excellent shape. It was very well maintained. [ Oh yea! ~ Editor ]

The truck needs a bit of maintenance, the crack in the block that I tried to glue has opened up again and seeps antifreeze. . I will try to fix that again when it is warmed. [ Karl has success with this repair ... be sure to read about it in the Engine and Driveline Forum ~ Editor ]

The starter could use rebuilding and I have the wiring harness also waiting for installation. But I am afraid if I get started on all that work (especially the wiring) then I won't be driving the truck for a long time. That won't do!


If you've wondered about Karl's screen name (he's "a builder of boring historical organs"), you'll enjoy this picture where he is delivering an organ with the old Chevy truck. ~ Editor

21 November 2006
# 1728

More pictures of my old truck

From Karl :

           This is my mid-life crisis. Instead of a Maserati, I bought a 1953 Chevy truck last year. I bought it from a good family friend, whose Father bought it slightly used in the '50s and then used it on the farm. I saw it tooling around my home town while I was growing up, usually in second gear. I would venture to say that it has rarely been driven in the winter - I know it sat in the garage in most of those winters in the '70s, and it was last registered around 1982. After that, it sat in a shed in Austin, Minnesota, where I found it.

           I am from Minnesota and I've been sort of tracking the truck for many years. I have known the owner and his family all my life. The owner had not been so enthusiastic about selling his Dad's truck, but finally decided to get rid of it -- prodded by his wife. I was there. They were both happy that the truck went to someone they know. The price was reasonable and it was a good time for me to take on a hobby.

           This 1/2-ton truck is in pretty good original shape, original paint, original floor in the bed, original motor, about 65,000 miles. Last summer (2005) after I bought it, I parked it in my brother-in-law's extra garage (what a tolerant soul) and went through the brakes and had the head overhauled. I also put in a new radiator, shocks, tires, and recovered the seat. Then I shipped it to our home in Sweden. There is a huge interest here for American cars from the '50s, but these old trucks are still a novelty.

           These pictures of my truck were taken by a friend. They were taken on Midsummer Day this year 2006, and the light here in Sweden can be pretty stunning late in the day. The young boy's name is Måns Olausson, the older boy is my son Erik. The pictures were taken my Mån's father Per.

           This truck has its share of small problems. The original wiring is not entirely dependable. The motor is due for a major overhaul. But it starts pretty well, I trust it enough to drive it locally. Check out more pictures on my web site!

           You've got a great site!

Karl Nelson


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