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1944 Chevrolet Military G-7103 4 x 4

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16 May 2007
# 1945

From Doug :

           I have a 1944 Military Chevrolet G-7103 4 x 4 that has under 4000 miles on the odometer. I've owned the truck for about 25 years using it as a water hauler until this year. In those 25 years the truck was driven about 30 miles total, around our property. Here's how it looked prior to this year and the photo on the right is how it looks now.

           I believe this (3931 miles on the odometer) is actual mileage!! The truck was used as a water storage tank, collecting rain / run off water from the roof in the 800 gallon water tank unit. But this year, the tank setup was removed and placed behind a shed to collect rain water this year. Now I have this cab and chassis to move on to a new owner.

           The truck has original everything except the front bumper which is a heavy channel replacement. The previous owner was a rancher who used it to store water. He purchased the truck from the local university here in Silver City, NM. The university had gotten the truck from military surplus excess property and papers show they had registered it in the 1950's and 1960's but no title was ever issued. Based on the paint colors, it was originally Army then Air Force before the the University got it and painted it white. The sheet metal and frame are mostly "good to excellent." The power train all works well. It was last run about 10 years ago. It has a 6 volt system. The floor pan in cab is rotted out otherwise most all body areas are good. The truck has been sitting outside in the Southwest for over 60 years and for the last 40 or so years in Silver City, NM at an elevation of about 6000 feet.

           I have done nothing to the truck other than start and run it. I've replaced all of the tires.

           Because the truck has the original window seals and the front window is a tilt out two glass windshield, water had been leaking into the cab and sitting under the rotting floor mats so that the removable center floor panel is rusted through. Otherwise, the firewall and under seat, back of the cab areas are all in good shape. Some other minor rusting on the door handles and the cab to body seam.

           The front bumper was missing and I had added a channel iron bumper there and the voltage regulator cover is missing, but the unit would charge when last run. The passenger windshield wiper assembly is missing.

           Otherwise everything is complete and original including seat upholstery, headliner, door seals, etc. Most all fabric and rubber items are dry rotted and need replacing.

           She's for sale!

Doug Neher
Bolter # 14732
Southwest New Mexico

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