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Cool Old Truck

Tom Nasworthy's


Chevrolet 3600

06 April  03  

From Tom   

This is my 1950 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup I purchased in December 2002.  It looks pretty good in this picture, but every time I shut a door on it a half pound of rust and dirt would fall out on the garage floor! 

 I am planning to do a frame off resto/rod project with the truck, replacing the 235 6 cyl with a 350 v8.  The 3 speed tranny will be replaced with a TH400.  A PO (previous owner) replaced the original rear with a newer 14 bolt with 3:21 gears, so I'll keep it.  Most of the sheet metal is restorable except the grill which is paper thin and eaten up by rust. The cab floors are rusted through in a number of spots so patch panels will be going in.  I have spent the last 2 months tearing it down, and as you can see the frame is bare except drive train and suspension, and the cab is stripped and ready to be worked on.

I plan to spend the next year on the frame/drive train / suspension / brakes, then another year on the cab / bed / sheet metal.  I am documenting every step of my disassembly with my digital camera to assist in the reassembly a couple of years down the road (my memory ain't as good as it use-to-was). 

Hopefully in about 2-3 years I'll have some beautiful new pics to post of the finished truck!  Questions or comments are welcome!  

Tom Nasworthy (50-3600-Guy)


Curator "Tom - Nice 5-window Truck - glad to see it getting the attention it deserves!"

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