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A Cool Old Truck

Kevin Murphy's

1949 GMC 3/4-ton

19 March 2002

From Murph:

     Just a note to tell you this site is a blast. Your site and members gave me the info and inspiration to find the right truck.

     I've always loved the unique grill of the GMC trucks so I passed up quite a few very nice Chevys in my search holding out for a Jimmy. After a search across the internet, I actually found my truck in my own back yard here in SoCal.

     The previous owner "Red" had taken great care of this truck and it is obvious this truck did not lead the normal pickup truck's life. Quite frankly, I don't think this truck even knows it's a truck, much like my dog.

     It is an early '49 GMC 3/4 ton or 150 model with standard cab, original 228 engine, 4spd. tranny, chrome grill, rear bumper, deluxe heater, original bed wood, original 15 inch split rims and 3/4 ton hubcaps.

     With help from fellow members like MotherTrucker and OldCarKook, I have since found and replaced the under bed spare tire carrier and heater control valve.

     With the knowledge and enthusiasm from this site, she should be good for another 53 years. Thanks for a great forum.

Kevin Murphy

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