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1953 Chevy 6400

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27 December 2006
# 1758

From Ron :

           I purchased this 1953 Chevy series 6400 during the summer of 2005 from a chicken farmer about a half mile from my house. The engine is a 1954 full pressure 235 with a 1953 head.

           The farmer had it for sale at the end of his long driveway for about six months, with no takers. A little while later, it was gone. I’ve always wanted to rebuild an AD 3100 pickup so the sight of this mammoth never really sparked my interest. I caught up with him later and asked him if he sold his truck. He said no one was interested and he was getting ready to send it to the scrap yard!

           My heart dropped. “How much were you asking for it?” I asked. He never told me, which in my mind must have been too much. He said “If you give me $300, it’s yours.” I instantly became a Big Bolt lover and picked it up the next day!

           Bringing it to my house was fun. When I bought it, the engine ran, the hydraulic lift bed worked with no leaks at the time, electrical system seemed to work, NO BRAKES! The farmer helped me bring it to my house by pulling it with his riding lawn tractor and his six kids. The farmer and three kids on the tractor, one kid in the truck with me and two kids standing on the truck bed. My daughter was also on the truck bed, making a grand total of two adults and seven kids. What a sight!

           I didn’t have a garage at the time. So, I convinced my wife we needed one. I finished the 3-car or should I say "1 truck" garage about six months later.

           One day while surfin’ the net, I came across the Stovebolt website and the way I look at truck rebuilding has changed forever. Been working on it pert near everyday since March 2006. My ultimate goal is to have it completed by 2009 so I can pull my daughter’s high school senior float in the football Homecoming parade. She’ll understand if I can’t make the deadline. But wish me luck!

           I would like to thank all Bolters for their help and guidance as I venture onward.


Ron Mummert
Bolter # 10961
Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

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