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1950 Chevy 3100


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14 August 2006
# 1623

From Miles :

           "Socrates", as he is called on a little piece of paper on the inside jacket of his owner's manual, is a 1950 3100. He was manufactured in Kansas City, MO, according to his VIN plate, in June of 1949 and was the 20,201st to come off the line. According to the previous owner, he was originally bought and used as a site dig vehicle for an archaeology department college / university in Ohio. Though I never found out what college, this is when he was christened "Socrates."

           The subsequent owner swapped out the 216 for a '55 235 and 4 speed transmission. He was originally Mariner Blue.

           Fast forward ... I traded my 1976 BMW R90/6 motorcycle for Socrates in Austin, Texas in 2000. My dear friend "Carlos" loved the old truck, but lusted more for my motorcycle. Carlos had painted the truck with green latex house paint. Initially I was dumbfounded, but have since appreciated the step as it protected the truck well and kept it sound.

           It is hard to believe it has been that long since Socrates came to live with me. Sox "retired" to Florida in 2001 on a trailer with the help of my dear ol' Dad. Sox ran for a few years before I parked him in the garage with the intention of replacing the wiring and radiator. The former due to an interesting occurrence one evening. We were driving on the highway to pick up a used washer/ dryer set from some friends.

           "FIRE! FIRE!", yells the wife. I exchange my beatific driving face (you know the one) for one of horror. Behind the dash, right between my legs is an electrical fire. Having salvaged my first project from an unfortunate flame job, I was having flashbacks and regrets at why my extinguisher was sitting in the garage. The fire quickly extinguished itself. Miraculously, we survived and even still, the truck kept chugging along. Not surprisingly that was the last time the wife rode in Sox.

           Hence, I put him in the garage. One thing led to another, a picket fence, new job, yada-yada and I let the truck's insurance and registration lapse. I dared drive it on a few occasions with a plate from my other truck, though I am older and wiser now and would never do such a thing.

           As it stands now, Socrates is undergoing a full do-over. The floor pans are shot, but the body is very straight and the frame is rust free. He will not be "chopped," "sectioned" or "dropped." And I have no intentions of putting in a V8. The truck will remain stock with minor exceptions, all of which will be unnoticeable to most except the most astute truck wackos like yourselves.

           I am sorry that I did not take more full pictures before he began his transformation. Right now the truck is in "kit" form with all parts removed from the frame and bolts and parts in ziplocs and boxes.

           This site is an amazing resource. I have been searching forums and have had very little need to post because of the length of discussions that have already been had. I "lurked" for a year without joining!

Miles Mowry
Bolter # 11298
Venice, Florida

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