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A Cool Old Truck

Thomas Mott's

1949 GMC 250

19 January 2002

From Thomas:

     Attached is a photo of my latest addition to my fleet. It's a 1949 GMC 250. The way I acquired it is pretty funny.

     A man here in WA had it for sale for $2600 for quite some time. It seemed a bit much for it so I kept my eye on it. Well, low and behold the price started dropping. Finally one Sunday I drove past at noon and it was down to $900. On my way home at 4 it had dropped again; to $700.

     I quickly called and made a deal to trade some of my services (I'm a professional woodworker) for the truck.

     It turns out that what he wanted done, was in a buddy's field of expertise and this guy owed me for some shop time. My guy went and installed the handrail and ballisters, and I got the truck. No money ever left my hand!

     This is one of the most original trucks I've seen in a long time. The only non-stock item I can find are the mirrors. It still has the 228 and 6 volt; and runs great! Oil pressure is 60 at start up and never drops below 35.

     I own a house 70 miles from my business; I've driven it there at least 13 times in the past 2 months. I've put in plugs, wires, and a new carb. That's all. It's now my daily driver.

     In the background is my '57 Dodge COE C-700. That is getting a complete rebuild and repaint. Got that from a farmer in CA. Not a speck of rust on that one! Nor is there any on the GMC. The bed on the GMC is a 1944 military surplus. It even has all the stake pocket posts and headache rack.

     As soon as the Dodge is finished, the GMC will be next in for a refit and paint. Hope to see this on the site, and will update as things progress!

Thomas Mott
Woodinville, WA

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