Maury Mossman's

1956 3100 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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26 December 2005
# 1338

From Maury:

          This 1956 3100 1/2-ton truck was purchased from a good old friend of mine in 2000. It was a farm truck in Petaluma, California for 16 years. My friend used it to move antique furniture in San Francisco for 28 years. He told me years ago then when it was time to sell the truck, he wanted me to have it.

          I got a call a couple years after I moved across the Bay and he said I was going to buy it and I was not allowed to say no. I'm the third owner.

          It has a rebuilt 235 motor, new gas tank and radiator but is otherwise bone stock. I've had absolutely no problems in the last five years except for the occasional seized bolt or electrical oddity.

          My plans are to maintain it and keep driving it a couple of times a week to use it for what it was intended for - hauling stuff around. I see lots of nicely restored trucks around, on the road and on this site, but with all that shiny paint, I'd have a hard time loading it up with lumber or construction debris or a muddy dog.


Maury Mossman
Oakland, California

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