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1946 Chevy Pickup Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland




Owned by Bob Moses
Bolter # 15154
Central Arkansas

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16 May 2011 Update
# 2365

More pix of this truck on Photobucket

From Bob :

A year or two ago, I sent a Gallery submission on my 1946 Chevy pickup (Rusty) that had been placed on a 1994 S10 chassis. He looks a bit different now.

We've enjoyed him alot -- around 15,000 miles worth, (that's if my figures are right).

He's not quite finished -- this is just primer right now, but will still be looking somewhat like this even after paint. Here's a proof pic of what's on the door. The only difference is the word "classics" after "junkyard dog." I wanted something that looked semi-period correct, and wanted the old truck to have kind of a "shop truck" vibe.

As a friend owns a vinyl sign company, it seemed like a good idea to have him make a logo in vinyl. I figured if I didn't like it, it'd peel right off. Now, everybody in the area knows Rusty by the dog on the door.

It also has " It IS finished" written on the tailgate, to stop everyone from asking when it was gonna be painted.

What do you think? Does he look a bit more in character than with the Cragars? He'll be getting semi gloss black paint this winter, possibly with some "old school" pinstriping, and maybe aquire some black steelies and black wall radials, just to change things up occasionally.

"He's not a show truck. Never will be. Just a good ole boy."


Bob Moses

We've included a bigger image of the one above to get the full affect of Rusty parked on a really cool old bridge. Thought you'd enjoy the view. ~ Editor

01 July 2008

Canada Day
# 2365

From Bob :

           Hello Stovebolters! It's five-oh from Arkansas with my latest (and last according to my wife ) submission to the Gallery. It is my newly purchased daily driver, a 1946 Chevy pickup named "Rusty" by the previous owner.

           I saw the little truck around town over the past couple of years. I was told it was on a S10 frame but I hadn't been able to catch the owner around to talk to him.

           After deciding that the rebuild on Sam (the 1952 Chevy 1/2-ton) was taking too long, I decided that I would attempt to find me a more interesting daily driver.

           First on the list was another Corvette, but the ones I found in my price range were, to put it mildly, rough.

           I'd given up and figured I'd be driving the reliable, but soulless Nissan for a while yet.

           Then, while going home last week on the Harley, I passed by a house and saw this little jewel out front with a "For Sale" sign attached. I nearly wrecked the Harley trying to get back to it to check it out closer.

           First impressions were that it had been put together by someone who really loved old trucks and was proud of their craftsmanship. I soon discovered that this was true. The owner had a 1953 Chevy pickup (his daily driver) and a 1956, both in beautiful shape.

           The PO Jerry told me the '46 was placed on a 1994 Chevy S10 frame and had all the S-10 running gear intact. He'd even installed the S-10's gauge package in the little truck.

           The little 2.2 four cylinder, coupled with a five speed manual, meant the little truck got good gas mileage, important to me due to gas prices and my daily commute.

           One test drive later, I was hooked. The four banger had more pep than I expected, and it was like driving a beautifully styled new truck.

           Two days and one sale of a Nissan later, Rusty the '46 came to his new home. Jerry told me that Rusty was named by his Grandson, who didn't want the truck to leave. I have to admit I almost felt guilty about taking the little guy's truck. But a couple of miles and smiles from my two year old daughter, helped me get over that. My daughter, by the way, took one look and said "Cool truck, Daddy." Two years old and talking well. Those words from her made my day.

           I believe old Sam will have a long time companion now. Oh, and don't grieve for Sam -- he's undergoing an engine / tranny / rear end transplant now. He'll be around for a long time to come, too, I hope.

           Ironically, Jerry the P.O. is buying a Corvette. For me, though, I'd rather have Rusty.


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