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Cool Old Truck

Wes and Diane Morrills's

1948 Chevrolet 3100 Thriftmaster

03 October 02  

From Wes and Diane

  This 48' Thriftmaster has 140,000 original miles, and we are the third owner. A cabinet shop in San Jose, California bought this new and the same employee drove it from 1949 through 1979. When the shop closed in 1979, that same employee bought the truck from the business owner. The new owner then sold it to my friend in 1984. It was garaged all that time and rarely driven. Rust free except around the base of the floor shifter.

  We use the truck regularly and as you can see, the local beagle took a liking to it the first hour it was home.... This is really Diane's truck, although I do interfere a bit.... New floor mat installation revealed some nice rust accumulation around the floor shift.... Oh well, easily replaced.... Now for the radio, headliner kit, gauge restoration dash and exterior paint to it's original factory colors.

Enjoy our new baby pictures!

PS. Yes, we are also vintage Porsche nuts...

  Wes & Diane Morrill
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