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Cool Old Truck

Jesse Morgan's


Chevrolet 3/4-Ton

11 April  03  

From Jesse   

As was past on to me from my late grandfather - Robert Morgan, this Chevrolet began life as a utility truck on a fire crew in Albany, New York.  It changed hands many times, until being bought by my grandfather in the 1970s.  He found her sitting in a pig sty in Newark, Ohio, and brought her home without a bed and two apple barrels full of parts (much to the dismay of my grandmother). 








For a year she sat in their small garage, begging to be fixed up.  Finally my grandfather built a garage in their small back yard to house his prize, and began the ten year search for parts and other materials to fix her.  Many a vacation was spent searching for parts and other pieces to this grand puzzle.  Finally in the early in the early 80's she was complete as the pictures show and my grandfather could revel in what was finished.  As my father often comments, he cared more for that truck than for his own kids!  Sadly in 1990 my grandfather contracted a terminal illness and died.  His legacy to myself is his 1939 tree quarter ton truck Chevrolet, a masterpiece composed of pieces ranging from everywhere across the United States.

Jesse Morgan

Curator "Jesse - Looks like your grandfather was quite gifted, glad to see that old girl stay in the family!"

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