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A Cool Old Truck

Joel Morain's

1952 Chevy Advanced Design Schoolbus

11 November 04

From Joel:

          Hey ... great site. I've already learned a LOT here, and I hope to one-day be able to turn around some of that knowledge and pass it along to another newbie. (You have learned well, little grasshopper ~~ Editor)


          Here's my 1952 Advanced Design truck. It was used as a rural school bus in central Iowa for many years. After it was sold, the new owners had plans to make it into a camper, but ended up just using it to carry construction supplies.

          I bought it in '96 and now that it's '04, I'm finally at a place where I can start working on it. I spent that time collecting manuals, parts catalogs, and other goodies. It's already been through a lot, and because of that, I've got a long way to go.

          If you've had experience with a similar project. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. Any and all advice is welcome -- you can contact me via the forums -- I'm joelmorain!

          Hope you enjoy the pictures.

          The picture of the floor is a bit confusing without a little background. Check out the crazy rig welded to the passenger door and bolted to the dash/floor. It was a school bus and this is the mechanism someone cobbled together to open the passenger door from the driver's seat. Pretty cool, eh? Glad I didn't have to bend some of those pieces of bar-stock.

- Joel Morain,
Cooperstown, NY

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