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1964 Chevy 1/2-ton Stepside

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Leonardtown, Maryland


  Owned by Mike Moore
Bolter # 1797
Irvington, Alabama
12 July 2008 Update

From Mike :

          Just thought I’d update my Gallery page.  It was 2001 when the teardown began. Since then, we’ve moved and added another child. 

          Amidst all that, I’ve been slowly but surely working on the truck.  I’ve bought another cab. The frame has been blasted and painted. The running gear has been changed over to 1975, complete with disc brakes up front and five lugs all around, all new bushings, bearings, ball joints, bump stops, the rearend has been rebuilt – everything’s new! 

          July 1st 2008 marks the day my frame was back on its wheels.  It’s been a long seven years!

          I’ve purchased a running 250. It was rebuilt in 2001. The clutch and pressure plate were replaced in 2007.  I got it and the transmission for $100.  I hope to have it in before the end of the year.

          It’s nice to be able to see progress. I have some more pics, like of the replacement cab and such, that you can see on my web site.

          Thanks for all the work you do on the web site. It has helped me get an answer many a question, helped me respond to others with info that I’ve gathered, and get a good laugh when I needed it. I like watching others’ builds as well, not just my year truck.

          I would absolutely love to get my hands on an Art Deco. I’ve been drooling over old cars and trucks since I was about 15, wearing the pages off of my Street Rodder magazines and anything else I could get my hands on.

          Thanks again for the web site. I would really, really like to do a write up of swapping the front ends of the ’63-’66 year trucks to the later model disc front end. This is something that gets asked about a lot in the forums. I just posted yet another reply about it yesterday.

- Mike

          Mike! It's always good to hear from some of our "old timers" (notice his low Bolter #!). Progress is still progress. And we certainly appreciate your participation in the forums. Giving and getting ... that's how all this works, when it works right! Maybe we'll get to see you in Alabama next year with the ATHS Convention. We need to visit some Alabama friends! Look forward to that Tech Tip ... when you get time. And thanks in advance for doing that for the gang. ~ Editor

08 February 2002

From Mike:

          This is my babe, a 1964 Chevrolet 1/2-ton Short Wheel Base Stepside.

          This truck has been in my family for nearly 20 years now. My Uncle first restored it. Then my Grandfather drove it until he passed away about six years ago. My Uncle decided to sell it, so I bought it for $650 and towed it from Sulphur, Louisiana to Mobile, Alabama. It sat for about thre years, and now the restoration has begun.

          It has been stripped down to the frame, and a total reworking is planned. I have plenty of time and very little $$$, so it should be awhile before it's on the road again.

          The cab will need to be replaced. I've purchased a 1966 for $200 with a good cab. I've swapped parts -- a near perfect hood from another 1966 Chevy.

          Plans include blasting and powdercoating the frame, rebuilding the original 230, updating to power discs up front, air conditioning (with factory levers), and updated paint scheme.

          I thoroughly enjoy the web site, and the forum has answered many questions. I'll send updates later.

Keep up the good work!!



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