John Montana's

1941 Chevy Street Rod

"Blue Beast"

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04 April 2007
# 1908

From John :

           This is my 1941 Chevy truck, bought just like you see it by my George-ous wife. It has a 350 motor with RV cam, 350 Tranny, custom front suspension, dropped, AC, Tilt, disk in the front, and new bed. Driver's side. Passenger side. Rear.

           Hope you enjoy, because I surely do.

           The story starts with another vehicle, my 1947 Dodge pickup. This pickup was given to me by my Dad as my starter truck. Being only 17, I ripped out the straight six, tranny and rear end to start my journey as a street rodder. I guess I wasn't a real rodder because after the transplants, my rod really didn't rod. They had to cut out the steering box, thus I couldn't steer or drive my rod.

           When I first laid eyes on my '41, it wasn't even for sale. The owner just happened to be outside on a break. Of course, I had to ask him a million questions about how he did things. Of course, I had to bust out a camera phone picture of the '47 -- you know, to let him know were kind of family. Aren't we all family? I know when I see another classic, I immediately feel like we kind of know each other. Or is it just me?

           Sorry, back on subject. I was really inspired by the '41 and vowed to begin REAL work on the '47.

           Around December of 2005, on a business venture, I happened to returned to the place where the I first saw the '41. One of the gentlemen told me it was for sale and I practically started laughing when he told me how much. First out of unbelief, and second from sheer joy that maybe I could own such a truck.

           Part of the steering component was broken and needed repair, and a couple of other minor things. It was such a great deal.

           Wouldn't you know I had just come back from a cruise to Jamaica, and Christmas was right around the corner. I had NO extra rod cash lying around. Isn't that a broken record? Here is where the blessing is. I called the owner and told him I really wanted the truck but had just spent tons of money on the cruise and Christmas, and I would do my best to come up with the amount he needed. He really wanted ME to have the truck, and so he asked me if I could come up with the cash within three months. I said "yes" thinking I definitely was going to have to sell my blood every day, three times a day. But God. My wife had some money saved up, just for things she wants (more clothes, jewelry -- you know girl stuff) and she offered it all to me. It wasn't enough to pay off the truck, but definitely enough for a down payment. I don't remember if I cried when she gave the money to me, but if I didn't, I should have. She's so wonderful.

           To make a long-er story shorter, I had the money within the three months. The owner asked me if HE could knock off $500 extra dollars to help me out. I said let me think about it ...... YES! Psalms 37:4 says,"Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart." I didn't ask for my '41, but surely was "a" desire of my heart. The Lord saw this, and as I delight myself in Him, He gives me the desires of my heart. That is why I can only say "Thanks."

           The '41's name is "Blue Beast" and I would consider it to be a street rod.

Thanks for listening!

John Montana

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