Jesse Mittleider's

1960 Chevy 1/2-Ton Stepside

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27 March 2006
# 1486

From Jesse:

      Hey! I love this site and would love it if you added my truck.

      When I was 16 (I'm 19 now), my Dad took me to buy my first truck and I wanted an old truck just because I thought they looked cool, plus my Dad has always told me great stories of his old trucks (all of which were Fords though). I didn't know anything about working on cars or trucks at the time, and I may have gotten slightly ripped off, but it's ok. I'll make the better of it.

      Not knowing it at the time, I bought a truck with the wrong hood and grille, and some rust that was covered up with a nice paint job. So since then, I have been using it as my daily driver and it gets a lot of attention around here because it is a pretty good lookin' truck.

      I just finished my two-year degree and am now heading into the career field. With a new daily driver (a beater '88 F*rd Ranger -- it gets me where I need to go while I work on the Chev), I plan on completely overhauling this truck. Since it is already far from original, I'm going to go ahead and do the whole street rod thing.

      Over the last three years I have completely fallen in love with old Chev's and I plan on restoring one truck at a time for the rest of my life and never selling them. After this '60, though, I'm gunna go back in a time a little further -- to the '30s and '40s -- and probably not do any more street rods. I really love the '30s and '40s trucks in their original glory, especially heavy work trucks.

      Maybe since I'm not even 20 yet, by the time I'm an old man I'll have myself quite the collection beautiful Stovebolts to hopefully pass down to my kids and keep alive for another 80 years!

Jesse Mittleider
Bolter # 10627
Kent, Washington

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