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1959 3100 Chevy Apache Task Force

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16 April 2007
# 1923

From Justin :

           I am submitting my 1959 3100 Chevy Apache Task Force pickup truck for the Gallery. It has a 235 "Blue Flame" six in it with a three on the tree and a Holly carburetor.

           It ran at the time I bought it for the real big price of $500. After that, it wouldn’t run even with a little help from a newer ’Bolt and a can of ether. It was nice that it was kind of in my back yard, so we practically just drug it home. Some new spark plugs, a new battery and coil, and it still wouldn’t start. So I took some sand paper and scraped the points. Still no luck. So I took the points out, forgetting to put the adjustment screw back in, and guess what? It started!!

           So I put a new screw in, did an oil change and grease job. I also buffed the paint to get it back to beauty.

           Now it runs better then ever and even gets good gas mileage. That is good for today’s standards.

           Over the year that I have had it, I put in new Euro-style headlights, a radio and glove box. I got some chrome rims and a set of tires from Walmart for now. My plan is to put white walls on it and paint it blue. I also want lower it and put in a 283 Chevy motor.

           You would be here forever just reading about what I am going to do with it. My brother and I are just starting out in this, but we are already cleaning out the valley that we live in Yakima, Washington. So far we have a 1942 Chevy 1.5-ton flat bed, a 1953 Chevy COE 2-ton and a John Deere MC Crawler to go on his truck.

           I am sixteen and have been to two shows here in Yakima but nothing big yet. I would like to get it restored first.

           I love this site a lot and am glad to submit my truck for the Gallery. Sorry, I don’t have more pics of it but I just found the site out of the blue.

           If you guys have any questions or just to talk, please contact me. I would like meet some people from Washington to go on a cruise with or just have some fun.

Thank you very much,

Justin Minnich
Yakima, Washington

           David, Justin's brother, added the 1943 Chevy Pre-war Truck and John Deere Tractor to the Gallery in July 2007. Sweet combo! ~~ Editor

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