Eric Millman's

1951 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Truck

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18 December 2006
# 1742

From Eric :

           Hi! I have had this truck since July of 2002. Here's a shot of the Bolt arriving. I found The Stovebolt Page in August of 2002. I have been reading and learning a lot about these old trucks since then.

           I bought the '51 when I lived in St. Louis, Missouri. The previous owner lost interest and I got it for $500. Lucky for me! It was in a basket case (note the login name). There was a lot of rust that previous owner had started on. The cowl on the drivers side had been cut out and there was a fire in the wiring harness and firewall on that side.

           I had to put it back together to find out what was missing. We moved to Minnesota trying to get closer to my wife's family in Wisconsin. The job didn't work out, and now I have moved to Wisconsin.

           I haven't had to much time to work on the '51 over the past two years, but it is running and is drivable. It just needs paint, seat covers and a few odds and ends to finish.

           The Stovebolt Page is a great place to find out whatever you need to know. Thanks a bunch

Eric Millman
"elm (51 Basket case)"
Bolter # 2688
Wisconsin Rapids ,Wisconsin

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