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Larry Miller's

1952 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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From Larry,

      People that I know and see on a regular basis are probably getting pretty tired of my "TRUCK" stories well ---------tough! I got the truck back last Thursday and I have some pictures of it here and some are posted on the web. I love it . And it runs like a dream (a slow dream --- gang 4:11 rear end -- hahahaha).

      Anyway here's a picture I shot today out in the yard here at the house. The story of the truck is: My Father-in-law and Mother-in-law bought this truck in 1956 ($335) to replace a 193? Ford pickup. It was only four years old and went to work on the farm until about 1972. It was sold at the farm sale and a company in Abilene (Naturerich Mills) bought it to use at the grain elevator in town. Later after they sold the elevator, the truck went to Wilson's, Inc. (they had owned the elevator), a feed lot , where it worked for a while. Then they sold it to a neighbor named Ron Morgan.

      Ron used it very little and set it out behind his house. That's where it was when I bought it. Ron didn't really want to sell it but he did sell it to me to get it back into the family. I had it in the garage for years till I decided to have it redone.

      It still needs a lot of little things but it is already getting driven around town. We sprung it on my Mother-in-law tonight. She knew I had the old truck but didn't know it was being redone. We just drove it over and surprised her. Her first words were, " Is that MY truck?" She was very happy and she said Chester (my late Father-in-law ) would be happy -- she even looked a little misty eyed. I took her for a ride and just stopped it and got out and traded places to let her drive it home. She said it felt good to drive it again after all these years .

      Thanks to Chevy Duty for great parts and helpful service; The Stovebolt Page for advice and helpful links; Bill , for his great work and on the basket job and the basket case (me) -- seems I got a little (?) anxious near the end; Lorretta, who helped Bill and did the grill which looks wonderful; and. Bill's daughter (he calls her bug nose but I'm sure that's not her real name) who sanded a lot.

      Thank you for reading my story and sharing this.

Larry Miller

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