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Old Chevy Truck

Dusty Miller's

1940 Chevy 1/2-ton

24 February 04 Update!

         Dusty sent in this picture for the 2004 Stovebolt Calendar.

        John asked him about the deck: "Yep the deck is all wood, the sides are white pine and the floor and posts and top rails are Malaysian hardwood, very close to the original style . I built it about six years ago.

        "The cab is a local thing, not a Holden unit. They were only in Oz . I think what was done, was the '38 cab had the new '39 screen fitted to it, as the doors and rear of the cabs are all '38 - '39 - '40 . I really like the differences too; '41 -'46 here are just the same as you have in the USA."



13 May 01

From Dusty

         Here are some pictures of my New-Zealand-assembled daily driver. When new, this truck was delivered in New Zealand as a cab and chassis, with the deck being built by a local fabricator. N.Z. trucks had a different cab for '39 and '40, than the ones used in the U.S.

        The original owners had the pickup from 1940 till 1973, at which time it was donated (in good condition) to a transport museum. Surprisingly, it was sold 3 years later to a motor garage, who used it as their shop hack for another 2 years.Two more owners enjoyed the pickup during the next 2 years, then the previous owner bought it in 1979.

        When I purchased the pickup in 1997, it was generally in excellent order. I've had to do the whole front suspension and brakes, fix the generator and regulator (12-volt conversion), rebuild the gear selector, water pump, starter, manifold hotbox and carburettor, relocate the diff correctly and fit new tires. The ravages of time had done the original deck in, and the past owner had fitted a home-made metal welled deck. I was never happy with that replacement, so when I found some hardwood slabs, I made another wooden deck, similar to the original.

        I'm now in the process of building a canvas canopy for the back. You can see the lift-off frame just waiting for its new cover.

        As daily transport, I get immense pleasure from the driving and the many favourable comments received each time I drive into the city.



Dusty Miller


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