Randy Millburn's

1954 Chevy 3600

"Ol' Green"

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14 May 2007

From Randy  :

       Hey, it's me again. (I had a 1965 Chevy 1/2-ton in the Gallery -- Sold it to a restorer who BUILT it completely "show" (about $25,000 worth!), so it's gone now.) Well, I finally managed to find an 1/8 of a second to get a picture sent of Ol' Green. This was my Dad's wood haulin' 1954 Chevy 3600. Stock as a block. This truck sat since '95 after my Dad passed away. Last year my Mom said, "Boys, it's time to do something with that old truck before it's too far gone to save."

       So ... some of you may recall my brother's "pine post in the cylinder" story to break one rusted / FROZEN piston free on this old locked up 235. I know one Stovebolt guy also tried it from reading it in the forums and it worked for him too! It worked great for us (obviously) and after a rebuilt (UN-cracked head), some brakes and brake parts, fuel pump, a gas tank, radiator, 16.5 wheels and tires (OUCH, they don't GIVE that rubber away!!), heater core and motor, odds and ends and a friend with a body hammer and some time, this is where Ol' Green is "so far."

       I couldn't have managed it without my brother Tim's help (that guy remembers more tricks and tidbits about fixing old trucks than I could learn in a lifetime!). Anyway, after getting the mechaniclas ironed out with my brother, I jumped in this old truck and drove her home! About 400 miles later (and 10 hours!) the truck was here!

       I going with a flatbed in the near future and planning an engine overhaul to remedy the oil leaks I'm encountering with the 53 year old gaskets (seems like they should last longer than THAT!).

       This ol' '54 holds so many good memories of my Dad that it's dang near a tear jerker everytime I drive it!!! My Mom LOVES that I'm using it and fixing it back up. So as long as the money keeps coming in, I'll keep fixing Ol' Green. She will be relegated to haulin' me around as a hunting truck and teaching my almost-14 year old boy how to drive a manual.

Randy Millburn
Bolter # 8725
Burlington, Colorado
The flatter side Colorado

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