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A Cool Old Truck

Rune Midtskog's

1946 2-Ton Chevy

3 September 04

From Roar:

         Hello. I am a 36 year old man from Norway. Here is a picture of my brother's (Rune)1946 2-ton Chevy truck. It served as a farmtruck until he bought it. The earlier owner has restored it, and my brother have to pay 24.000.- NOK for it in 1996.

         We had a lot of fun whit it, until the engine broke down two years ago. Sleeping on the bed, every year, at the "Old Style Weekend" in Uddevalla, Sweden (A-Bombers.com) and much more.

         Later, I will send you pictures and a story about my 1942 1/2-ton Chevy pick-up.

Roar Midtskog

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