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Cool Old Truck

Eric Metz's


GMC Longbed 1/2-Ton Pickup

22 May  03  

From Eric      

1954 GMC 100 Ĺ ton long bed.

Eric Metz, 54gmc

Huntington Beach, CA

Ok, since my truck finally looks somewhat presentable I decided to submit some pictures and its story to the Gallery.  I bought it from a exterminator and, considering what I know now, I probably paid way too much for it. 

This first picture shows it not long after I bought it, the only visible change is that at that point I had 16 inch wheels all around instead of the 15 inch white spoke wheels the PO had on the rear.  The truck has a bullet hole in the right vent window that traveled through the cab and out the cab roof right behind the driverís head.  When I pulled the seat out I discovered a letter, that was about 10 years old, from a woman doing time in a New Mexico prison for drug sales, which may explain the bullet hole.  

Over the next couple years ebay and I became very good friends.  I have found parts for the truck from over 20 different states and Canada. I am presently running the original 248 engine with a 2 barrel carb on an adapter from Langdonís.  Not long after the new carb was installed the head gasket blew so that was fixed and I had hardened valve seats installed while I had the head off.  When I got the truck it was already converted (poorly) to 12 volt.  After several electrical problems I re-wired the whole shootiní match with a new wiring harness from American Autowire.  I got an original radio to put in the truck but after testing it with a voltage reducer I decided that I didnít want all that heat under the dash.  I sold that radio and bought another, non-working radio and tore it apart and made an authentic looking "false face" for the dash.  I then mounted a more modern, (but still old), AM radio up under that dash behind it.  Eventually I plan on getting one of those modern hidden stereos to replace that one.  

Mothertrucker has come through a couple times with some hard to find parts (Thanks MT!).  One of the big challenges was some crash damage to the left B pillar that caused the door to be "friction fit", meaning the latch wouldnít contact the striker.  I was able to get a left B pillar section of cab from MT and a friend of mine who welds cut out the old and welded in the new. After some adjustments to the door and a new door latch itís almost as good as new.  The second picture shows the truck as it is today. Itís still not finished, (are they ever?), but now looks "presentable".  The alleged paint job is just a rattle can job with Zero-rust just to get by for now.  Iíll have to save my pennies for a "real" paint job some day.  Thereís still some rust areas they will need the attention of my friendís welder and the interior still needs some work.  Hopefully all will progress smoothly in the months, (or, more likely years), to come.



Curator "Eric - Great write up - and nice looking longbed, thanks for sending us your truck's story and pictures!"

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