Brendan Meteer's

1946 Chevy 3/4-Ton Pickup

"Old Number Seven"

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19 June 2006
# 1571

From Brendan:

           Here is my truck, "Old Number Seven". Number Seven is a 1946 3/4-ton pickup. We don't know much about her early years, but she has been in the family since 1964 when my Grandpa got her as payment for some mechanic work he performed for one of my Grandma's old boyfriends!

           Before she belonged to Grandma's ex, she was an orchard truck down in Manistee. He picked her up at an auction after the orchard folded. The theory behind the seven on the doors and the color is that she was once a railroad truck in Manistee, and she'd been painted brown to match the rest of the fleet. (She originally sported a red and black paint job -- some of which you can see through the brown!)

           I first looked at buying her from Grandpa last May and struck the deal a few days later. We got her running, stripped out the old brake lines and installed new ones, put in new shoes and had the drums turned.

           Lately, I've been working on the turn signals and the brake lights. I'm just starting to get into the wiring, and I'm surprised that it's as stock as it is. (Grandpa is infamous in these parts for jerry-rigging things.) I am going to run over to Hagerty this week and put some insurance on her and then submit my historical "Authentic Plate" registration to the state. I hope to have her on the road by the first part of July.

Brendan Meteer
"Brendan M"
Bolter # 8320
Lake Ann, Michigan

           Brendan is quite the artist. He's been a big help in fixing this and adjusting that when it comes to some truck art. He had a neat piece "Half Ton Will Travel" that we haven't gotten to yet (my fault). But he DID get a cool submission in the 2006 Poster Contest! ~~ Editor

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