Archie Merigold's

1946 2-Ton Chevy

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12 November 2005

From Archie :

            This is our 1946 2-ton Chevy Truck. We decided to give the old timer a new look. The work was all done by my own industrial construction company (Tarmco Construction) staff from mechanical through rack and side steps.

            Paint was done by Hanks Auto Body from Dunnville, Ontario. The inside is finished in toupe ... but I didn't take any pics for this round.

            I know it's not all original as we couldn't get fenders. They're fibreglass. And there where no side steps, so we improvised. The deck has inlaid walnut and is all pegged with dowel.

            The truck has 24,000 + miles on it and was originally used to move tobacco around the farm. This will be our firm's parade truck .... first outing is Christmas 2005.


            We had a lot of fun. It sure was nice to drive the truck out onto the front lawn and finally (after three long years) take some pictures. You have the freedom to use my email for comments.

            Truck runs like a top!         


Archie Merigold
Bolter # 3029
Dunnville, Ontario

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