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Joe Mendola's

1954 2-Ton COE

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1 July 04

From Joe Mendola (MotherTrucker):

          I havn't heard from you lately, and that's a good thing. I guess that means I have been behaving myself in the lounge. I have been hangin' out in the Swapmeet section most of the time lately.

          I have bought, sold, traded and even given away a ton of parts in the Swapmeet section.

          Thanks for keeping the Swapmeet section up and running for all us truck nuts.

          I thought maybe some of COE guys would like to see an updated pic of my '54 COE in the Stovebolt Gallery. The work is goin' slow but it is commin' along.







7 February 03

From Mothertrucker

         Thought you would enjoy pictures of the latest addition to the M.T. fleet.  This one is a 1954  2-ton COE.  The previous owner spared no expense in the restoration he started and it's up to me to keep it original and see the project through.  

          This big ol truck sports a 261 motor and the 2-speed rear end.  Lots of stainless steel hardware, powder coating and chrome.  It's cool to climb in this thing and sit six feet off the ground. 

          I can't wait to start hanging parts on this baby.  Will keep you posted on the restoration.

          Keep the old iron goin'


          Looking Good Mothertrucker!  That truck looks NEW! ~~ Curator

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