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1949 2-ton


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09 November 2001

From Joe:

    Here is another in my fleet of AD trucks. I named it "Titan" because when I started to sand the doors, some old graphics appeared under the paint stating "Titan Drilling and Pump Service."

    This one is a '49 2-ton. It had a later 250 motor with a HEI distributor installed in it when I bought it and whoever installed it, did a good job.

    It runs good, so I left the motor alone. It also has a 2 speed "brownie" box installed in place of the drive shaft carrier bearing. It is equipped with an engine hoist mounted on the rear of the bed which makes it easy to move old Stovebolt motors.

    The picture of " Titan" is at a local parts exchange sporting a matching '49 3/4-ton trailer. It rides rough (no shocks on this truck), it's loud (straight pipe with a cherry bomb) but it gets the job done.

Keep the old iron goin',


Joe Mendola

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