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Cool Old Truck

Tom Melusky's


1/2-ton Chevrolet Pickup

01 July  03  

From Tom      

Enclosed are results of two years of pure enjoyment.  This 1941 Chevy was purchased by my Father in 1957 for $75.

This truck was used and abused from bootlegging coal, hauling trash and rock.   Drive train is out of a 79 Chevy Caprice.  Front wheel Disc brakes, transmission cooler, electric fan.

The box is lined with oak. Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires and American Racing wheels ride real fine! Interior has a black leather seat to go along with a Jenson CD player.

This truck has special meaning to all of our family members my brother and sister and my son all learned how to drive while abusing the truck. Three days after I was born this truck was my first ride from the hospital, my mom and dad owned a 55 Plymouth that would not start (MOPAR Junk).  (curator - "easy now - the editor is a mopar fan!")  Next time you see an old vehicle close your eyes, listen (small block Chevy) smell (No pollution control) etc.  These are things that bring back memories!!!

My dad who is now 83 years old still enjoys his first truck. A mechanic by trade, he can still repair most anything on this vehicle.  Garage kept and used only in fair weather it is a real head turner.  From all of the work and detail I am sure it can be around for quite of few more years. Your web site is the best!!! I love reading and looking at pictures of vehicles that I grew up with.

Well got to go wave if you see me!!!

Tom Melusky


Curator "Tom - Looks like you had some fun putting this truck together!  Thanks for the submission"

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